Wood Wellness Village

Wood Wellness Village

Location: Wood Hall

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Live Life in Balance

The Wood Wellness Village, located within Wood Hall, is an exciting residential Living and Learning Village open to all students committed to living a balanced life. This includes quality sleep, healthy relationships, service learning, balanced diet, regular exercise, awareness of environmental impacts and much more. We are centrally located for easy access to Talley Student Union, University Recreation, Student Health Center, Student Cinema, on-campus dining and multiple athletic venues.

As a member of the Village you will enhance your knowledge and self-awareness of personal wellness, the foundation to achieve success at NC State and beyond. The community is developed and nurtured through interactive programming, personal engagement and interaction with students, faculty and staff members. Engaging, fun team building programs, such as whitewater rafting, volunteering and meditation, coupled with exclusive Village events and the support of a Village mentor will help you discover your balance. 

As a member of the Village, you are required to enroll in HESM 275: Behavior Change in Wellness, a two-credit course held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-4:15pm during Fall 2016. The class is an experiential learning opportunity to creatively and critically assess and enhance the eight dimensions of wellness through assignments both in and out of the classroom. 

Village Benefits

  • Live in a community that supports a healthy, balanced life.
  • Develop friendships in a positive environment.
  • Participate in high impact programming created exclusively for Wellness Village residents.
  • Give back to the community.
  • Build leadership skills to help you grow and advance.
  • Exploring personal growth for success.
  • Live in Wood Hall on East Campus.

8 Dimensions of Wellness

  • Physical - Maintenance of a healthy body through proper nutrition, regular exercise and avoidance of harmful habits
  • Intellectual - Openness to new concepts and ideas with a focus on creative and critical thinking
  • Emotional - Awareness and acceptance of feelings and emotions
  • Social - Ability to perform social roles effectively, comfortably and without harming others
  • Spiritual - Meaning and purpose of human existence
  • Occupational - Ability to enjoy a chosen career and/or contribute to society through volunteer activities
  • Environmental - Recognition of interdependence with nature
  • Financial - Having control of your current finances and planning for the future

Village Requirements

  • Successfully complete HESM 275: Behavior Change in Wellness, a two-credit course held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-4:15pm during Fall 2016.
  • Attend the Wellness Retreat prior to beginning of classes.
  • Participate in Wood Wellness Village sponsored programs and campus events promoting and exploring the eight dimensions of wellness each semester.
  • Meet bi-weekly with your Village Mentor.
  • Meet monthly with Village members, faculty and staff members
  • Uphold the Community Standards, Student Code of Conduct, University Housing Rules and maintain good academic standing.
  • Wellness Village residents can not have a non-Village roommate. Roommates must be a part of the Village.

Contact Information

Curtis "CJ" Jackson, Jr.
Assistant Director Southeast Campus, University Housing

Suzanne Hunt
Coordinator for Wellness Outreach, University Recreation