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E.S. King Village Guest Apartment Request

This form is for guests wishing to stay at E.S. King Village Apartments. If you would like to stay in the Wolf Village Guest Apartment, please contact Tim Blair, Associate Director for University Apartments at (919) 515-2430.

Please remember that if you will have your own vehicle, a parking permit will be required while on campus. Parking permits must be purchased from NC State Transportation for extended stay guests (longer than overnight). Please call Transportation at (919) 515-3424 for more information on parking.

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Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions and check the box below.


Please read this entire document carefully.


The goal of the guestrooms at NC State University is to provide comfortable, affordable accommodations for a wide variety of individual needs.


To be eligible, you must be affiliated with the University in some fashion (e.g. visiting faculty/staff, prospective students, or friends and relatives of University employees).


Payment must be made payable in U.S. dollars from a bank chartered in the United States (with routing number on check), in the form of a check, money order, traveler's check, or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover).

Guests must pay at the time of check out. If a department will be paying for the guest and would like to use and Inter-departmental Transfer (IDT), an IDT will be sent to the listed contact person after the guest has checked out. Credit cards will be processed after the guest has checked out. Any other forms of payment must be done in person at either the Housing Office in Pullen Hall or Western Manor Apartment Complex main office.


All cancellations must be made within 24 hours of expected date of check-in. If the reservation is not cancelled within 24 hours or a guest does not show up, we reserve the right to charge a $25 cancellation fee.


Rooms are to be occupied only by the person(s) properly assigned by Housing. Room assignments are not transferable. Unauthorized overnight guests and subletting are not permitted. Occupancy continues and a daily fee is due for each night an individual is in possession of a University room key.


Room changes are only permitted upon written authorization from Housing. Unauthorized room changes will require that the persons involved vacate the occupied room and move back to the original assignment. As of 1/1/06 2


Avent Ferry Complex: Each room has air conditioning, a bed, dresser, desk, telephone (with local phone service), a television with cable, alarm clock, a private bathroom and efficiency kitchen. Each efficiency kitchen is furnished with a refrigerator and microwave.

Vending machines, a full-sized kitchen, and a recreation room are also located in the Avent Ferry Complex common area. There is a television lounge and computer lab located by the service desk that may be used. Wolf Village Apartment Complex: each apartment is air-conditioned with four individual bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, two full bathrooms, and a laundry. The individual bedrooms have a full size bed, desk with chair, dresser, and closet. TV with cable and telephone (with local phone service) are provided in living room and an alarm clock provided in bedroom.

In the Wolf Village Apartment Complex there are multiple common areas and amenities. There is a convenience store, exercise room, and other meeting spaces. There is a television lounge and computer lab located by the service desk that may be used.


The guest is held responsible for any changes in the condition of the room that he/she is assigned to plus their furnishings, including linen. Damages refer to those things outside of normal use and depreciation. If damages do occur, it is the guest's responsibility to pay the charges. The damage amount, including labor, will be reflected on the guest's final bill or will come under separate cover depending on the time of checkout.

Guests must officially check out at the service desk with a Housing staff member when vacating a room. Keys are to be returned only to a Housing staff member.

Charges due to loss or damages will be assessed through Housing and must be paid promptly. Guests with outstanding debts are not eligible for use of University facilities. Charges for loss of, or damage to equipment or defacement in any common area (such as lounges, game rooms, hallways, and bathrooms), like charges for damages to individual's rooms, will be charged to the guest. Damages are determined by comparing prior and post-guest room and common area condition. Charges are determined by University Physical Plant personnel or Housing, as appropriate, and reflect the labor and material costs to affect the necessary repairs.


If a guest loses a room key or key fob (Wolf Village only), a temporary key can be obtained from the service desk. Due to security precautions, if the original key is not returned, the appropriate locks will be changed and new keys issued. Housing will bill the guest up to $110.00 for the lock change. The final amount varies based on the key lost and building location. Keys may not be duplicated.


Guests are reminded that use of a guestroom is strictly conditioned on compliance with the requirements set forth herein, all policies of the University, and all residence hall regulations. NC State University and Housing reserve the legal authority to terminate this use at any time if a guest does not abide by residence hall and University policies. Guests must comply with all local, State and Federal laws. In addition to the policies described previously, the following are also enforced:


  • Occupants of University guest accommodations are expected to conduct themselves in a manner, which is consistent with the rights and needs of other individuals on campus. For example, guests may not congregate in or around other residence halls.
  • The following activities are of primary concern. Guests involved in such activities will be subject to removal from the guestrooms:
    • Throwing objects out of/at windows or off balconies;
    • Use or possession of fireworks, explosives, flammable materials, firearms, weapons or other objects which are potentially harmful to the physical welfare of other inhabitants;
    • Removing, damaging, or in any way tampering with fire safety equipment or triggering false fire alarms;
    • Misusing or vandalizing elevators, elevator equipment, or elevator locks;
    • Deliberate or malicious vandalism or theft of University furnishings and/or equipment;
    • Actions, which are directly detrimental to the physical safety or health of other guests.
  • Guests will be subject to prompt removal by Housing for acts that are contrary to the interests of the residence hall community. Examples include, but are not limited to: crimes of violence; possession, distribution, or sale of controlled substances and/or illegal drugs as defined by Chapter 90 of the North Carolina General Statutes; other acts which violate Federal, State, or local law; or acts which could threaten the safety or well-being of other members of the University community.
  • The following are not allowed in the residence halls:
    • Pets, of any kind;
    • Air-conditioners, washing machines, freezers and other equipment requiring more than 120-volt electricity;
    • Refrigerators with inner dimensions larger than four cubic feet;
    • Appliances exceeding 1800 watts or 15 amps;
    • Hot plates, deep-fat fryers, open flames, or open coil appliances;
    • Torchiere-style halogen lamps;
    • Candles of any kind.
  • Only individuals of legal age (as permitted by State law) may possess and /or consume alcoholic beverages in the guestrooms. No alcohol is permitted in any common areas (lounges, hallways, suite hallways, etc.). Even if guests are of legal age, Housing requires advance notice if alcohol is going to be consumed. Housing reserves the right to deny any request. At no time are underage guests permitted to be in the presence of alcohol. Please use the following website as an additional resource:
  • Disruptions and disturbances that prevent other guests from enjoying a peaceful environment in the residence halls are not permitted.
  • The University reserves the right to enter rooms and other areas of the residence halls for the purposes of repair, maintenance or safety inspections.
  • Door-to-door solicitation or use of the residence hall facilities for profit-making activities for individuals or groups must be approved by Housing.
  • Housing prohibits propping open any door or using any mechanical device to hold open an exterior access door.
  • Housing reserves the right to waive or establish policies and procedures it deems necessary for the proper management of its Housing programs.


U.S. and campus mail will not be delivered to guests staying in the residence halls. This includes delivery of packages by services like FedEx and UPS. If you would like to receive mail, it must be addressed to the 4 sponsor's departmental office or the Housing Office in special situations. Arrangements must be made in advance, with approval of Conference and Guest Services.


Students serve as desk staff and live in the residence hall where the guestrooms are located. The primary role of the desk staff is to serve as a presence in the building and to provide information and answer questions about campus, residence halls, Raleigh and the surrounding area. Staff members are selected on the basis of their abilities as role models, resource persons, and reliable administrators and are responsible for the administrative duties of the entire residence hall. They interpret and enforce University policies in an effort to promote an environment conducive to the safety, security, and privacy of University guests.


Both Avent Ferry and Wolf Village Apartment complexes have service desks that are open 24 hours a day. There may be modified desk hours during holidays; scheduled University break periods, and summer sessions. During this time there will be a sign with the modified hours and how to contact a staff member. Staff members will be located at the service desk in the building. Guests can stop by, or phone in concerns to the desk and receive help. Staff will promptly report all maintenance requests from guests and work to ensure that the facilities are running smoothly and efficiently.


Guests do not have to bring linen. Each room is furnished with sheets, comforter, pillows with pillowcases, towels, wash cloths, and hand towels. There are laundry facilities located in the building for those long-term guests that may need to clean their linen. Each apartment in Wolf Village has an individual washer and dryer unit for guest convenience.


A telephone with local service is provided in each guests' room. Long distance services are available with use of a calling card. In Wolf Village the phone is located in the living room.

Cable TV service is available in each room and is comparable to the “premium” Time Warner Cable TV package. Televisions are also provided in the rooms or apartment. On occasion televisions may need to be removed for repair or routine maintenance.


The dining facilities are open Monday through Friday serving 3 meals a day. Saturday and Sunday they serve brunch and dinner. University Dining has facilities that provide hot meals, fast foods, and convenience store pickup items. All meals can be purchased on a cash basis. There is a Convenience Store located at Wolf Village Apartments.


Guests who plan to bring vehicles on campus must display a parking permit. Visitor permits are available through Conference and Guest Services. They are good for two days. After that you will need to obtain a parking permit from the NC State Department of Transportation. There is a daily usage fee for the permit.

Parking permits must be displayed on all vehicles except when parked at coin activated parking meters. Visitor permits are valid only in the designated parking zones on the face of the permit. Guests are encouraged to read the entire permit carefully to avoid parking citations.

Arrangements for special parking needs, such as handicap parking, should be made prior to your arrival to insure requested permits are available upon arrival.

Housing is not responsible for parking violations, citations, or fines accrued by conference participants. Questions regarding such occurrences must be handled directly with the NC State Department of Transportation.


Outdoor recreational facilities owned by University Housing may be used by guests without cost. If you are interested in utilizing the recreation facilities operated by Carmichael Gymnasium, you may do so for a fee. Contact the Office of Intramural and Recreation at 919-515-3161 for more information. Carmichael Gymnasium offers a wide variety of facilities including basketball courts, volleyball courts, weight rooms, an indoor track and a swimming pool. Equipment check-out is included in the fee for adults. Wolf Village apartment complex has a limited fitness facility on site available for guests staying in that location. Please make sure to have your key and a valid photo ID with you in the facility.


With respect to general risks, guests should be cautioned (i) not to go out alone or with strangers, (ii) to always keep possession of their keys, identification, and valuables (or keep them safely locked up), (iii) not to drink alcohol, take unlawful drugs, or abuse any medicated substance (prescribed or otherwise), and (iv) to comply with university policies, and laws. The emergency phone number for Public Safety is 919-515-3333. The campus safety information is available at:

*I agree with the terms and conditions listed above.

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