A Life Well Spent – Living Well in a Learning Village

Wood Wellness VillageGeneral wellness is fueled by more than just a fall flu shot. In fact, a life of wellness means more than just fitness and a balanced diet. Students living in the Wood Wellness Village focus on the seven dimensions of wellness, including quality sleep, healthy relationships, service learning, balanced diet, regular exercise and awareness of environmental impacts, to bring a sense of balance to their daily lives.

“I wanted to further enrich the wellness dimensions I’m already accustomed to,” said Kevin Martin, a freshman PGA Golf Management major. “I also wanted to expand my knowledge of those that I didn’t know much about.”

The Village community further develops and nurtures residents’ sense of wellness through interactive programming, personal engagement and interaction with fellow students, faculty and staff members. Engaging team building programs, such as whitewater rafting, volunteering and meditation help students think critically about balancing their daily lives.

“I chose the Wood Wellness Village because I wanted to get involved on campus,” said Bryan Wade, a freshman Engineering major. “So far, we’ve done a lot of fun things like a high ropes course and a mud run.”

Centrally located in Wood Hall, Village residents have easy access to the remodeled Talley Student Union, University Recreation, Student Health Center, Student Cinema, on-campus dining and multiple athletic venues. Not only do residents enjoy the location of the Village, but also the chance to develop friendships in a positive environment.

“I knew coming into NC State that I wanted to be a member of something,” said David Keeter, a freshman Engineering major. “I decided to try the Wood Wellness Village and it’s been a source of instant friendships. You still have to work to build relationships, but you come in with a built-in group of friends that have a shared interest.”

Members of the Village are required to enroll in HESS 295 in the fall, a two-credit course that counts toward the General Education Plan (GEP). The class is an experiential learning opportunity to creatively and critically assess and enhance the seven dimensions of wellness through assignments both in and out of the classroom. Shared classes are coupled with a bi-weekly meeting with a Village Mentor to help keep residents on track throughout the semester.

“I lived in the Wood Wellness Village last year and was interested in all the activities and events we did,” said Paige Moore, a senior Political Science and International Relations double major. “I knew I wanted to do something my senior year to give back, so I decided to become a Mentor.”

While Village residents strive to live a balanced life, they also support each other. Village residents enjoy the sense of community fostered through friendship, common interests and shared experiences.

“I really like being close to all the people in the Village,” said Carmen Swinger, a freshman Biological Sciences major. “I especially enjoyed the high ropes course. I’m secretly afraid of heights and wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it. When my village mates cheered me on while doing the course, it gave me the courage to keep going. The Village is about this kind of support.”

To learn more about the Wood Wellness Village, visit their Village page.