Wolf Ridge Welcomes First Residents

On Aug. 1, 2013, the very first residents to live on Centennial Campus at NC State began moving into Wolf Ridge at Centennial.

Wolf Ridge now open!

Despite the overcast weather and active construction zone for the remaining four buildings at Wolf Ridge, residents lined up in Tower Hall to begin checking in at noon.

Brady Ells, a Physics major from New Hampshire, was the first resident to check in at Wolf Ridge. “I chose Wolf Ridge for the convenience,” he said. “It’s near the library and I like having food options on-site. I also expect I’ll be surrounded by other students that are in the same classes and have similar majors.” As a transfer student to NC State, Ells hopes to live at Wolf Ridge for the next three years.

Ells is not the only student hoping to take advantage of Wolf Ridge’s opportune location. Laura Gonzales, a Computer Engineering major originally from Mexico, is also excited about the new housing options on Centennial Campus. “It’s right next to all my classes and the library,” she said. “It’s so convenient."

As students began receiving keys to their new rooms, they couldn’t wait to ride the elevator to check out their new living spaces. Sara Russell, a graduate student from Asheville, N.C., brought her whole family to help her move into her new graduate loft on the fifth floor. As she opened the door to her new on-campus apartment, she exclaimed, “This is better than I even expected.” She chose Wolf Ridge at Centennial instead of other housing options, “simply because it’s the best one.”

Some students couldn’t wait until August to check out Wolf Ridge at Centennial. “I’m really excited about moving in,” said Emily Baker, an Electrical Engineering major from Wake Forest. “I’ve been taking summer classes on Centennial Campus so I’ve been watching the progress everyday!”

Even though Baker will graduate from NC State in December, she decided to live at Wolf Ridge for her last semester because of the location and lease options. “I wanted to live in a place that was friendly to mid-year graduates,” she said. “A lot of private apartments won’t allow you out of your lease if you leave mid-year due to graduation. Plus, most of my classes are on Centennial Campus, so it makes it easy.”

Wolf Ridge will also offer residents a full-service dining facility with the opening of On the Oval during the first week of August. Located on the first floor of Tower Hall and seating for more than 420 people, visitors to On the Oval may choose between four micro-restaurants. Cold Fusion will offer sandwiches, wraps and salads with fresh bread, meats and cheeses. Fahrenheit will provide artisanal pizza with seasonal meats and toppings. Flashpoint will focus on traditional Asian dishes with customizable sauces. Newton’s Grill and Newton’s Diner both will offer a breakfast and traditional diner menu.

Campus Enterprises will open the on-site bookstore, The Pack Shop, in September. The new bookstore will carry a combination of snacks, school supplies and branded Wolfpack gear. University Housing and University Dining will also offer tours of the new sustainable property after residents move in. To learn more about Wolf Ridge’s sustainable features, please visit our interactive map. To follow construction updates, please visit our updates page for photos and descriptions of the construction process from December 2011 through July 2013.