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Students who want to sublease their apartment | students who want to become sublease tenants


2014 Sublease Agreement (pdf)
2014 Sublease Application (pdf)

Sublease FAQS

I want to live in Wolf Ridge, but I may not stay during the summer term. What are my options?

You may sublease your apartment ONLY during the summer terms to another eligible NC State student. The subleasing student, if approved, will be charged for the time living in the apartment. For more information about summer subleasing, email Chester Miller with the subject line: Wolf Ridge Sublease.

What is the subleasing process for Wolf Ridge?

  • Subleasing is available ONLY during the summer term.
  • Students may ONLY sublease to another NC State student of the same gender 
eligible to live in Wolf Ridge (sophomore and above).
  • Graduate students may only sublease to eligible NC State graduate students of 
the same gender.
  • The current Wolf Ridge resident and subleasing student will meet with Wolf Ridge administrative staff members to coordinate sublease duration, exchange key and review housing policies.
  • Only the student subleasing tenant will be charged summer rates and damages.

Wolf Ridge residents are responsible for finding another eligible NC State student of the same gender to sublease their space. University Housing is not responsible for sublease matching.

Will I have to pay for the period I am not living in Wolf Ridge when I participate in a co-op or Study Abroad experience?

Students participating in Study Abroad, Co-ops, National Student Exchange, International Exchange Programs, non-registered, official withdrawals or academic suspensions only pay daily rates for the time lived in the Wolf Ridge apartment. There are no cancellation charges for these cases.

Current students in Wolf Ridge looking to sublease their apartment

Only complete if you are a current student living in Wolf Ridge. 


Students who want to become Wolf Ridge sublease tenants

Only complete if you want to live at Wolf Ridge for the summer as a sublease tenant.