Who to Contact

Who to Contact

Not sure who to contact for certain questions or issues? Check out our list below.

RA – Resident Advisor: oversees a floor or designated area within a hall
RD – Residence Director: oversees a building
AD – Assistant Director: oversees a group or area of buildings
AD – Associate Director: oversees a section of campus, either East, West, Central or Apartments

Room Issues

I'm locked out of my room. Don't panic. Contact your closest 24-hour service desk.
I'm having conflicts with my roommate. Start by contacting your RA. If your RA isn't available, try contacting your RD.
I have a maintenance issue. Start by using our online Work Order System to submit your request. If you continue to have problems, contact your service desk or RA.
I'm having moisture issues in my room. Moisture issues are typically a result of improper use of our air units or leaving doors or windows open while the air units are on. Check out our tips for controlling moisture. Still having problems? Submit a work order. If the issue is not addressed, the moisture can cause mold to grow.


I'm an incoming student and I need to know when to submit my housing application. Housing applications are online and can be submitted at go.ncsu.edu/housing. If you are applying for fall and spring, the application opens by December 15 and if only applying for spring, the application opens by October 15. Checkout our website in March for summer sign-up dates. If you still have questions, call (919) 515-2440.
I'm an incoming student and I have questions about my housing assignment. Call the Assignments Office at (919) 515-2440 or send an email to University Housing.
I'm a current resident and I want to switch rooms. Don't switch rooms without taking the proper steps first! First, inform your RA. Your RA will notify you of the steps to take. Room changes begin two weeks after the beginning of classes. Check our website for further information and the process. If you have questions, email your RA, RD or the Assignments Office or call (919) 515-2440.
I'm a current resident and I want a single room. Check out our single waiting list page for instructions.
I'm a current resident and want to know about signing up for housing for next year. Housing Selection is held each year in the Spring for current residents.
I'm a current resident and I need to cancel my housing assignment. Check out our Cancellations page for all the details.


I have questions about my housing charge. If you think there is an error concerning your Housing charge, call the Housing Assignments office (919) 515-2440. If you have questions about your e-bill, please contact the Cashier's Office.


I want to put up posters in each of the residence halls. Only student groups are eligible to submit publicity for posting within the halls. No outside businesses or vendors may post publicity in the residence halls/apartments. Check out our Submit Publicity page for details and to submit your request.
I want to reserve Lee Field. University Housing operates the reservation system for Lee Field. Please use our reservation form to submit your request.
I want to reserve a residence hall common area or room. Contact the Administrative Associate for that particular facility. Check out our Staff Directory to find the representative you need.