Top 5 Survival Guide for Living on Campus

central campus students. photo by Taylor QuinnSo you moved on campus to be closer to classes and programs. But, what happens if you have a roommate conflict? Who is your contact for support and questions? How do you submit a work order if a light goes out? How do you figure out when your laundry is done or how to get involved in campus activities?

To help make campus living more convenient, use this article as a survival guide for the first few weeks. Soon you’ll be using Laundry View like a pro and offering assistance to your fellow hall or suitemates.

  1. Submitting a Work Order – Use the Work Order system to submit any non-emergency problems or issues. For any major emergencies, please call 911 any time, (919) 515-3040 during business hours, or your 24-hour service desk. For non-emergencies, click on the Work Order link on the University Housing website and follow the instructions through the prompts on the screen. After submitting a Work Order, you should receive a Request Number, if completed successfully. The number will help you track the status of your Work Order request.

    “The most common error students make is entering cable, television and internet or modem issues into the system,” said Julie Lee, Work Center Manager. “All these requests should be reported to Com Tech by calling (919) 515-7099.  The second most common error is not entering where the student lives, including building and room. Most students just enter the whole building as the location.”

    If you have additional questions about entering a Work Order request, talk to your RA or call your 24-hour desk.

  2. Room Changes – Sometimes room assignments just don’t work out. Residents may apply to change their room assignment beginning Sept. 9 at 8 a.m. Residents must complete the Room Change Request form located on the Housing Self-Service page of MyPack Portal. Simply click on the room change link and follow the instructions. If you have trouble completing the form,   call the Housing Assignments Office at (919)515-2440 for assistance.
  3. Laundry View – Did you know that laundry costs are included in your room costs? Wash up to 5 loads per week using your student ID card. Quarters are no longer necessary. Be sure to use High-efficiency (HE) detergent for all of the laundry machines. To check the status of laundry machines in your hall, use the Laundry View system. You can even set up text alerts for the end of your laundry cycle. If you’ve never used the washers and dryers before, use The Campus Clothes Line for tips and instructions. If a machine in your area is out of order, use LaundryLinx to report the problem.
  4. Resources and Support – NC State is a large campus; however, all of our faculty and staff members at University Housing are here to help you. They are a great resource for many of your questions. For a break down of whom to contact about what, visit our Who to Contact page. On our Resources and Support page, we have listed the numbers and websites of other campus organizations you might need to contact for additional questions about campus living.
  5. Get Involved – The best way to get the most out of your experience at NC State is to get involved while you live on campus. Participation in campus activities will help you meet new people and develop lasting friendships. In addition to more than 600 clubs and organizations on campus, our residence hall staff members offer thousands of social activities, programs and volunteer opportunities to help you find your niche. If you are still looking for things to do on campus, attend an Inter-Residence Council (IRC) event, join a Greek chapter, participate in a University Recreation class, report for the Student Media, create something with Arts NC State, volunteer with Student Service Initiatives or browse the hundreds of student clubs and organizations at the Student Organization Resource Center.

Living on campus is sure to be one your most memorable experiences at NC State.  These tips and tools will help you learn the ropes and settle in!