Student Success

student studying in Hunt Library

University Housing cares about your success at NC State. Did you know students living on campus generally have a higher GPA and graduation rate than students living off-campus? How invested are you in your college success?

studentsWith easy access to libraries, classes, labs, tutoring centers, mentors, faculty, student centers, speakers, seminars, programs and more, living on campus places you closer to all of your academic pursuits. You will save money on transportation costs and increase your chances of success with personal and academic development opportunities only steps from your door.

Top 10 Success Tips

  1. Live on campus so it’s easier to make it to all of your classes, labs, exams, etc. on time.
  2. Go to class. You can’t succeed if you don’t show up.
  3. Get involved. Expand your studies outside the classroom through Undergraduate Research, study abroad, hall programs and activities.
  4. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you have trouble understanding a subject. Visit a writing tutor in your hall or the Undergraduate Tutorial center.
  5. Use a planner. Find a great planner at the campus book store or use your Google calendar. Keep track of all your assignments, classes and projects.
  6. Eat healthy. Choose healthy dining options available at the dining hall or the C-Store. Give yourself plenty of brain food for studying.
  7. Join a study group. Meet new people in your hall, suite or class and tackle academics together.
  8. studentsTry something new. Discover new interests by participating in a program or activity you might not have done before. Go to a play, join a club sport, listen to new music or try a new food.
  9. Stop procrastinating. It actually takes more time to procrastinate on your homework, project or paper than it does to complete it. Proper time management will create less stress throughout the semester.
  10. Think positive. A positive attitude will carry you through tough times during the semester.

Additional Academic Resources

  • Undergraduate Tutorial Center – offers academic assistance for many 100 and 200 level math, physics, chemistry, writing and speaking courses.
  • Writing Tutors – Ask your RA about tutor availability in your hall.
  • Academic Advising Services – provides walk-in advising to students exploring majors, general education, declaring majors and minors, and academic policies.
  • Undergraduate Research – Expand your academic studies and research skills with a semester of Undergraduate Research in almost any subject.
  • Libraries – From Hunt to Hill, find all the information you need to study, reserve books and more.
  • Career Services – The Career Development Center will help you prepare for life beyond NC State.
  • DASA – The Division of Academic and Student Affairs works to integrate the curricular and co-curricular components of student life to improve the academic performance and quality of academic and non-academic experiences for students at NC State.
  • Exam Schedules – Mark your calendar and plan in advance.
  • Bookstores – Make sure you have all the right supplies to succeed.
  • Study Abroad – Give your academics a global perspective. Explore options to see a different part of the world while you earn academic credit!