Space Available at Wolf Ridge this Spring

Tower Hall at Wolf RidgeWant to live at Wolf Ridge this spring?

University Housing has a limited number of four bedroom apartments available at Wolf Ridge for the spring semester only. Agreements will run for the spring semester only and will end May 12, 2014.

  • All sophomore students and above are eligible to live at Wolf Ridge.
  • Priority will be given to groups of four students who will fill an entire apartment. Want to sign-up for an apartment with three friends? Email us the name and student ID number of each member of your group by Dec. 2, 2014.

Don't have a group of four (you and three friends) who want to live at Wolf Ridge? No problem! We'll assign you to an apartment with other students who want to live at Wolf Ridge. To sign up without a group:

  • If you currently live on campus, email Shannon Plummer-White with your request to move to Wolf Ridge in the spring semester.
  • If you currently live off campus, complete a Housing Application through MyPack Portal.

Have questions about living at Wolf Ridge during the spring semester? Email Shannon Plummer-White or call (919) 515-7434 for more information. 

Spring Semester FAQS

What are the agreement terms for the Wolf Ridge spring semester?
The Wolf Ridge spring agreement runs from January 3, 2014 until May 12, 2014.

When can I move in to Wolf Ridge for the spring semester?
January 3 at 5pm is when students can move in for the spring semester at Wolf Ridge.

What is the cost difference between the residence halls and Wolf Ridge?
Double room in residence hall to four-bedroom apartment in Wolf Ridge = $780 difference
Single room in residence hall to four-bedroom apartment Wolf Ridge = $460 difference
Room in Wolf Village to four-bedroom apartment in Wolf Ridge = $470 difference
*cost difference calculation does not factor cable/res net fees in residence halls or apartments.

What is the process for moving from the residence halls or Wolf Village to Wolf Ridge?
Email Shannon Plummer-White with your request to move to Wolf Ridge for the spring.

Can I get a graduate loft?
All the graduate lofts are currently full. In addition, they are reserved for graduate students only.

Schedule a Tour

Tours are conducted by Wolf Ridge Ambassadors Monday through Saturday from 11 am-6 pm. Tours last approximately 45 minutes and include a visit to the model apartment, fitness center, gym, multipurpose room, dining facilities and other common areas of interest. Those making appointments should arrive at least five (5) minutes before the start of the tour and check in at the Tower Hall Service Desk. All appointments should be made at least 24-hours in advance of the requested tour time. Please direct all questions regarding tours to Shannon Plummer-White or call (919) 515-1581.

Got a group that's interested in touring the Model? Schedule an appointment today to reserve a day/time for your visit. We'd love to have your hall, Village, college or program tour our exciting new venture!