September Featured Staff Member

Julie LeeJulie Lee,
Work Center Manager

(Part of Julie Lee’s job is processing Work Order requests for all of University Housing.)
Hometown - Canton, IL

1. Why do you enjoy working for NC State?
I love the variety of tasks that are involved with my job. I have been with NC State for 25 years, since 1989.

2. What is a typical day like in the life of Julie Lee?
Usually I have a list of what I would like to accomplish. Then, I answer work order requests and phone calls. I only get to my list if I have time between answering the phone and organizing requests. I never know what I will be doing from moment to moment. I just handle whatever walks though our doors, is entered in our work order requests or respond to phone calls. 

3. What is your favorite University Housing moment?
I enjoyed moving the University Housing Facilities Office from Alexander and Pullen halls into the basement of Lee Hall in 1996. It was all brand-new and our own space.

4. Do you have a hidden talent?
I don't know how much of a talent it is, but I like to arrange flowers and do other crafts.

5. If a penguin wearing a sombrero just walked through the facilities office door, what would he say?
I dropped my maracas down the elevator shaft. Can you have someone go and get them out for me?