September Featured Resident

MelMelissa Coleman,
Senior, Animal Science major,
Hometown – Roxboro, NC

1. What is your favorite space at NC State?
My favorite space on campus is the Court of North Carolina at night.

2. Why do you choose to live on campus?
I live on campus because it keeps me connected with my community and friends. I have lived on campus all five years and during the summer as a Summer Conference Assistant (SCA). I have lived in Owen, North, Wood and Sullivan halls. 

3. Where is your favorite place to eat?
My favorite place to eat is Cinco De Mayo in Garner.

4. What is your favorite TV show?
My favorite TV shows are “NCIS” and “Game of Thrones.”

5. If a penguin walked into the Housing Office wearing a sombrero, what would he say?
Do you happen to know where Cueva De Lobos is? I heard they have an awesome fish taco!