Preparation - NCHO RA Drive-In Conference

group photo of Resident Advisors

For Delegates

  • Preparing for the Conference
    • Identify, make, or purchase items for swap shop. Past items include pins, t-shirts, baseball caps, and other mementos that promote school spirit.
    • Work together as a team on the philanthropy project.
    • Identify which sessions each delegate will be attending.
    • Develop and practice roll call. Roll calls or school spirit cheers may range from a school's fight song to chants that reflect your school pride.
    • Talk with your delegation advisor and other delegates to identify what you are most proud of, and best practices in your institution. Submit a program proposal to share with other RAs what you do best in your institution!
    • We encourage you to attend the conference in your school colors or school shirts.
  • Delegate packing list
    • Swap shop items
    • Philanthropy project
    • Comfortable walking shoes
    • Presentation materials (handouts, props for activities, etc)
    • Camera/phone

For Advisors

  • Preparing for the conference
    • Generate interest for the RA Drive-In Conference by speaking with RA supervisors and RAs
    • Send out materials to RAs and their supervisors about the RA Drive-In Conference, along with registration information
    • Hold interest meeting to talk about the RA Drive-In conference and how RAs can benefit from this leadership experience
    • Check in on potential department sponsorship for delegation registration and transportation
    • Encourage co-workers and previous RA Drive-In participants to encourage current RAs to sign up for participation at this year's conference
    • Submit a program proposal on best practices or innovative approaches to training, leading, or supervising RAs
    • Schedule at least 1 pre-departure meeting with your RA delegates to address the following:
      • Roll call
      • Philanthropy project
      • Trip/department expectations
      • School spirit
      • Collect registration information
      • Distribute travel paperwork (liability/waiver forms, etc)
      • Lunch orders
      • Potential strategic division of session attendance
  • Advisor packing list
    • Travel waiver forms and emergency contact information of delegates
    • Driving instructions to NC State
    • Presentation materials
    • Camera/phone