Philanthropy - NCHO RA Drive-In Conference

group photo of Resident Advisors

ConKerr Cancer logoEach year the RA Drive-In planning committee selects an organization to partner with in order to provide a philanthropic service to our communities. This year, the NC State planning committee has selected ConKerr Cancer as our partners for this upcoming conference.

ConKerr Cancer has a heartfelt mission to provide smiles to children with life changing illnesses and to make them feel special. They do this by providing colorfully made pillowcases to children in order to brighten their hospital stays. ConKerr Cancer has more than 100 chapters located across the country, and in their six years of service have provided more than 670,000 pillowcases to children.

We ask that each delegation construct and bring at least one pillowcase, but encourage delegations to bring as many as possible. Instructions on how to construct your pillowcases can be found at this link:

The NC State planning committee along with ConKerr Cancer thanks you for your service and helping to put a smile on the face of countless children. Detailed information about ConKerr Cancer and additional ways to assist this organization can be found at