Resident Advisor Position Description

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University Housing at NC State University, consistent with the academic mission of the University, strives to create a positive growth environment for students by providing programs, services, and facilities that promote and support educational, social and cultural development.

The Resident Advisor is a member of University Housing staff and the Division of Student Affairs. University Housing is committed to a comprehensive residential program, one that blends the co-curricular with the academic to create a total educational environment in which all residents are assisted in achieving their unique potential. Resident Advisors are key links in creating this environment. The quality of their efforts has a significant, direct bearing upon the quality of life experienced by all members of the University community.

University Housing is comprised of two unique living opportunities for students at North Carolina State University, residence halls or apartments.

Residence Hall Living

Residence Halls are found in University Housing’s East, West, and Central areas. Within each area, residents also have the opportunities to reside within specialized Living and Learning Villages which tie residential living to an academic or service based component. More information regarding Living Learning Villages can be found here.

Resident Advisors within University Housing residence halls can expect:

  • To live in either a suite, corridor style, or private bath residence hall
  • A single occupancy room

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University Apartment Living

University Apartments provide unique 9 to 12 month living opportunities for juniors, seniors, graduates and individuals with families. Apartment opportunities for residents include studios, one, two or four bedroom (Wolf Village only) apartments with full kitchens. NC State University apartments include Wolf Village, Western Manor and E.S. King Village.

Resident Advisors within University Housing Apartments can expect:

  • A living option for individuals with families
  • Either a 9 or 12 Month contract


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The Resident Advisor, whether in University residence halls or apartments, serves as a liaison between University Housing and residents. Under the supervision of the Residence Director and the Assistant Director, the RA will fulfill the general requirements and responsibilities in this job description and the Resident Advisor Employment Agreement. Some of these basic responsibilities will include:

Resident Education

  • Be familiar with the students and their academic needs
  • Foster networking systems for residents within the same major or classes to form study groups
  • Help to create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to studying within the residential communities
  • Offer students the opportunity to learn how to manage time, maintain good study habits, and take tests efficiently
  • Involve upper class students in educating new students on ways to achieve and maintain academic success
  • Provide opportunities for faculty involvement in programming
  • Initiate, plan, and organize educational programs that respond to the needs and interests of all residents


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Community Building/Programming

  • Strive to develop a sense of community among residents
  • Encourage self-discipline, self-government, and a respect for individual rights among residents; encourage individual assertiveness
  • Be visible and available to talk with residents about concerns, interests, and needs.
  • Develop an open, personal relationship with each resident
  • Initiate, plan, and organize programs of a cultural, social, and recreational nature that responds to the needs and interests of all residents
  • Seek student suggestions, and encourage students to participate in programs offered by staff and hall council
  • Attend and actively participate in programs, functions, and social events


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Helping Skills

  • Serve as a concerned, non-judgmental peer advisor, whose goal is to assist residents in resolving problems; serve as mediator for residents in conflict with one another
  • Treat sensitive information confidentially
  • Display interest and sensitivity to the concerns of underrepresented groups
  • Respond positively to crisis situations
  • Refer residents to University and community resources
  • Demonstrate effective listening skills
  • Treat residents fairly and impartially
  • Identify and assist residents with personal, social, academic, or health related concerns


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  • Be familiar with the building fire alarm system and familiarize students with building evacuation and other emergencyprocedures
  • Regularly report repair requests that effect the safety and security of residents (i.e., stairway breezeway lights, damage to door lock mechanisms, etc)
  • Educate students on the safety and security guidelines as listed in the Residence Hall/Apartment Living Agreement

Policy Enforcement

  • Educate students on the need for safety and security; encourage compliance with University policy by discussingand enforcing regulations; encourage residents to confront policy violations bringing them to the attention of staff
  • Serve as a positive role model for all residents by complying with supporting NC State and University Housing policies and procedures
  • Communicate policies and their rationale to residents
  • Confront students who fail to comply with policies or violate other residents' rights; refer these students to the Assistant Director or Residence Director
  • Support other staff members in the enforcement of hall policies


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  • Serve on duty for the residential community on an assigned, rotating basis, and in emergency situations. Note: some residential communities (Western Manor, ES King Village and Wolf Village) are open during break periods and RA duty coverage is required
  • Assist in the opening and closing of the hall each semester and at every break period, as coordinated by Assistant Director
  • Fulfill administrative requirements promptly and efficiently (i.e., RA weekly reports, Room Condition Reports, Administrative Memos, Maintenance Requests, programming reports, etc.)
  • Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings and staff training sessions
  • Read and utilize all related Housing material
  • Assist University offices


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  • Create an inclusive residential community where students are embraced and supported in their multicultural identities
  • Create multicultural programming opportunities for students which meet the needs of a diverse student population
  • Hold students and self accountable for serving as a multicultural advocate and social justice role model
  • Challenge inappropriate comments or responses (racist, sexist, heterosexist, etc)
  • Embrace the opportunity to actively develop skills and knowledge related to multicultural competence and social justice
  • Adhere to and uphold the University Housing Diversity and Civility Statements


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