NC State is a large campus, but once you are here, you’ll discover that everything is within an easy walk, bike or bus trip away. Our residence halls are divided across East, Central and West campuses. These descriptors reflect a hall’s relative location on NC State’s campus. We also have apartments throughout the campus community. Explore our interactive map to learn more about where our residence halls and apartments are located.

Interactive Map

Use the grey scrolling bars (left to right or up and down) to view each edge of the map. Use your mouse to roll over each colored pin and view more information about each residence hall or on-campus apartment in a pop-up box on the map. To view a full-size map, click here. The map will open in a new window.

Admissions Campus Map

Use this map from University Admissions to learn more about the each section of campus, including North, South, West, Central and Centennial. From athletics to classrooms, visitor parking to building history, and more, this map will help you find your way around NC State in no time at all.