IMPACT Leadership Village

IMPACT Leadership Village

Josh De Joya

"One of the greatest parts of the Impact Leadership Village is the community. I am surrounded by individuals who want to improve, not just our own community, but to extend and enhance the NC State Community as well. These individuals are not just members of my community, but they are also some of my closest friends. The Impact Leadership Village has forever changed my experience at NC State."

-- Joshua De Joya, sophomore Life Science major
Leah Breindel
"What I love most about the Impact Leadership Village is the community that is felt from day one. These people are leaders and they care about the mark they make on the world. Living around people that are passionate like you can only set you more on fire for service."
--Leah Breindel, junior Animal Science major

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Location: Bowen Hall

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We are excited that YOU are interested in the IMPACT Leadership Village (ILV)! We have an active, dynamic Impact Leader Council run by our village students that gives our residents the opporutnity to serve as the voice of our PAC Leaders. Our village is located in Bowen Hall. The ILV is an interdisciplinary, leadership-based living and learning community created for first and second year students. The ILV provides students interested in leadership with the opportunity to live in a community of emerging leaders who desire to learn about leadership models, organizational development, ethics and global leadership. In other words, this is a great place to be!


IMPACT Experience

Our Leadership Village is interdisciplinary! We value and recognize the importance of having different backgrounds, academic focuses and perspectives to address the many issues we face today in our communities. Being part of ILV means you will meet new people, develop lasting relationships, organize and participate in service opportunities, identify and develop your leadership strengths and engage in practical application of leadership to real world issues. Our goal is to offer opportunities of participation that emphasize structured self-growth through personal challenge and initiative.

Unique Village Features

  • Priority Early Move-in
  • Live in Bowen Hall located on Central Campus – where students are CENTRAL
  • Live with and develop a close community with other students who have a passion for leadership and service
  • Participate in the ILV Leadership Course NPS 395 (1 credit)
  • Orientations, retreats and trips with leadership and service focus
  • Develop leadership skills and discover personal strengths
  • Engage and network with community, state and national leaders
  • Uphold the Student Code of Conduct, University Housing Rules and Community Standards and remain in good academic standing by maintaining a 2.5 cumulative GPA

We invite you to join the ILV community! Apply for the ILV today through MyPack Portal. Roommate requests may be honored; however, your roommate must apply and be accepted into ILV as well.

IMPACT Leadership Village Acceptance Highlights

  1. If you are interested in applying to ILV, you must first complete a current Housing Application on MyPack Portal.
  2. Once the Housing Application is completed and submitted, students may return to the Housing Self Service Page, select the Living and Learning Village link, and complete the Impact Leadership Village application. The completed ILV applications will have a "Pending" status. Upon review and acceptance of the application, the status will change to "Approved" and you will be notified by the Village.
  3. Application review will begin in February. Participants will be accepted to ILV on a rolling basis. Applications received prior to May 15 will receive priority.
  4. Once accepted into the Impact Leadership Village, returning NCSU students may choose spaces in the village through the Housing Selection process. Incoming NCSU students will be placed in available spaces on ILV floors in Bowen Hall. If you request a roommate and they have also been accepted to ILV, you will be paired together.
  5. ILV residents can not have a non-Village roommate. Roomates must be a part of the Village.

Contact Information

Durell K. Hurst
Assistant Director, Tri-Towers, University Housing
Phone: (919) 515-8646

Misty Dothage
Project Coordinator, Tri-Towers, University Housing
Phone: (919) 515-6887

T. Donte' McGuire
Resident Director, Bowen Hall
Phone: (919) 515-7882

Village Life

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