Housing Selection

housing selection

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  • Please note that all Wolf Ridge two- and three-bedroom apartments are full at this time.
  • If you would like to tour the Wolf Village showroom, please email Brittany Sweeney at least 24-hours in advance.

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To complete Housing Selection: Log into MyPack Portal: Select Student Self-Service >>University Housing >> Current Resident >> Housing Selection.

Housing Selection is the process in which University Housing residents secure on-campus housing for the 2014-2015 academic year. The process runs February 3-28, 2014. Students use MyPack Portal to submit their housing application, room choice and roommate selection (if applicable).


Housing Selection allows current residents to select housing options for the upcoming academic year. If you are currently living off-campus and want to return to campus for the fall 2014 semester, complete a housing application via MyPack Portal. You will be assigned after current residents.


The online process consists of five options. Review each option to determine the one that best fits your needs. 

Review several building/floor/suite/room options before beginning the process since housing assignments are made on a first come first serve basis. If you and your roommate want to return to the same room, but want a different roommate - the first one to complete the reservation will receive the space.

If you currently live in a single room and want to return to your single room, sign up during Option 1 – Stay in Room.

Individual Moves will be assigned by class rank (Senior, Junior, Sophomore). Check the schedule below to determine your specific date.


OPTION 1:  STAY IN ROOM, I want to stay in my current room or apartment.  FEBRUARY 3, 9am-4pm
OPTION 2:  STAY IN BUILDING, I want to live in a different room in my current residence hall.  FEBRUARY 5-6, 9am-4pm
OPTION 3:  GROUP MOVES, I want to move to a residence hall or apartment with a group of people.  FEBRUARY 10-12, 9am-4pm
OPTION 4: ADMIN MOVES, I cannot return to my room and don't have a group.  FEBRUARY 18-19, 9am-4pm
OPTION 5: INDIVIDUAL MOVES, I want to move somewhere else on campus and don't have a group. FEBRUARY 21-27, 9am-4pm**

**Rising Seniors, Graduates and Vet School:
FEBRUARY 21, 9am-4pm
Rising Juniors: FEBRUARY 24, 9am-4pm
Rising Sophomores and Ag Institute: FEBRUARY 25, 9am-4pm
Open to all: FEBRUARY 26-27, 9am-4pm

Seniors:  92 credit hours or more
Juniors: 60-91 credit hours
Sophomores: 30-59 credit hours


Update your housing application and then complete your housing assignment via MyPack Portal.


Group Moves allows students to move as a group to a residence hall or apartment. ANY student can participate in the GROUP MOVES option. By choosing to form a group, you move yourself up in the Housing Selection process. Preference will be given to groups with the largest number of Admin Moves in the group and the date of application.

group moves

Group Moves for Apartments
1.  Identify a group leader. 
2.  Group leader logs into MyPack Portal during the Group Moves option (FEBRUARY 10-12, 9am-4pm).
3.  Group leader places him/herself in an apartment and reserves rooms for the remaining group members.
4.  Group members must accept the group leader reservation to complete the process.

Group Moves for Residence Halls
1.  Identify a group leader. 
2.  Use the Group Sign-Up Tool on the University Housing website during the Group Moves option (FEBRUARY 10-12, 9am-4pm).
3.  Group leader lists the names and student IDs for those in the group and selects a building preference.
4.  A University Housing staff member will assign your group to a space based on availability.


If your room is unavailable next year because of Village expansion or other reasons, University Housing will notify you via email that you are an ADMIN MOVE. As an Admin Move, you cannot return to your current space, so you will have to decide which building you would like to move to during the Admin Move option FEBRUARY 18-19, 9am-4pm. Admin Moves that choose to move as a group receive higher priority in the selection process.

Admin Move students may choose non-admin move students as roommates during the Admin Move option.


If a group leader or your intended roommate reserves a space for you in their room, you will receive a space reservation email. YOU MUST ACCEPT THIS RESERVATION OR YOUR SPACE WILL BE FORFEITED. Log in to MyPack Portal to accept the assignment and complete the process.


The Housing Selection process allows you to enter your roommate(s) choice on the Housing Application in MyPack Portal. The room/unit you request must have the appropriate number of vacancies for the requested roommate(s).

All roommates must be eligible to participate in the sign-up process. The student requesting roommate(s) must assign him/herself first and then enter the name of the requested roommate(s) to the appropriate bed to reserve the space(s).

Once the reservation is made, an email will be sent to the requested roommate(s) with instructions and a link to confirm or reject the reservation. The requested roommate must complete/update the Housing application to complete the process.

If a reserved roommate does not confirm the assignment by the end of the option, the reservation is cancelled. The student(s) will have 48-hours to locate another person to fill the vacancy. If the vacancy is not filled, the space becomes available for students signing up during other options.

Accepted first-year students (except in upper-class halls), co-op, transfer and enrolled off-campus students MAY be requested as a roommate(s). 


To qualify to live in Wolf Village as a sophomore, you may

  • Complete an application for S.T.A.T.E. (Second Year Transitions and Transfer Experience) Village. Requirements include no judicial record and a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or higher. Application must be submitted and approved prior to 2/3/2014.
  • Residence hall upper-class students or current upper-class Wolf Village residents may sponsor up to two sophomores per Wolf Village unit. The upper-class student must email University Housing and include the names of the upper-class student(s) and sophomore(s). Requirements only for sophomores include no judicial record and a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or higher. Application must be submitted and approved prior to 2/3/2013.

Eligible students will be notified by email and given Wolf Village tickets to sign up.


If you want to return to or join a Living and Learning Village, you must complete a Village Application prior to Housing Selection. If you are accepted to the Village, you will be given a ticket for reserved Village spaces during Individual Moves. Complete the Village Application via MyPack Portal.