E.S. King Village Council

ES King Village Council

Location: Jackson Street

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Main Office

E.S. King Village Apartments
Campus Box 7315
Raleigh, NC 27695
Phone: (919) 515-2430
Fax: (919) 515-7613
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Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday

E.S. King Village is governed by a Village Council. This council, which holds new elections annually, provides leadership opportunities for all residents of E.S. King Village. The council concerns itself with all issues regarding quality of life, rents and fees, and programs that affect and interest residents. Residents are encouraged to assume a leadership role to strengthen existing skills and develop new ones.

The Village Council, along with the E.S. King Village staff members and partners, proudly maintain a high level of programs and events for all residents of the ES King Village throughout the year.

What is the Village Council?

Village Council is the resident-run governing body for E.S. King Village that works closely with the Residence Director in planning educational and social activities, recommending Village improvements, and functioning as an advisory board on policy issues. Most importantly, the Village Council is a way for residents to meet one another, become actively involved in the community, and develop leadership skills. The Village Council is sponsored by University Housing and funded by E.S. King King Village residential rent and fundraising activities.

The purpose of the Village Council is for residents to raise a concerted voice. The Council supplements Resident Advisor programming efforts by sponsoring building and community activities, including movie nights, guest speakers, children's programs and garden days.

Why should you join the Village Council?

Village Council functions are based on the needs and recommendations of E.S. King Village residents. Becoming involved with the Council means you work directly with other residents to improve the quality of life at E.S. King Village. As a member of the Council, you make valuable contributions regarding programming activities and physical improvements to the property by determining how to spend Council fees. The Village Council also encourages you to develop leadership skills.

How can you become involved?

There are various levels of involvement within the Council. You can become directly involved through the Executive Committee or assist a committee planning a special event. The Village Council's greatest resource is your ideas and your suggestions are always welcome.