Deck the Halls

To develop more institutional pride among residents and NC State students, University Housing launched a branding campaign to incorporate school pride and NC State tradition into residence halls and on-campus apartments.

This effort is a direct response to goal four of the Chancellor’s strategic plan to create organizational excellence by creating a culture of constant improvement. As part of this goal, the Chancellor cites the campus culture and community and the importance of institutional pride.

This past summer, University Housing’s leadership toured NC State’s athletics facilities to view examples of spaces epitomizing pride and school spirit. University Housing then assembled a committee of representatives from University Communications, University Architect’s Office, Purchasing, Facilities and Housing. This committee has been hard at work adapting the University’s brand message into residential spaces.

The primary goal in the first phase of the branding process was to improve 24-hour service areas by providing a consistent look and feel at these locations. The branding committee suggested simple changes such as using red as a wayfinding color, incorporating the Block S logo and adding the name of each hall above each desk. Wall murals were also installed in certain halls to test their impact.

Student feedback collected through surveys and focus groups was overwhelmingly positive. Students notice the changes and appreciate the efforts to make residential spaces feel more inviting and connected to the University.

“The color scheme and iconography added to the Honors Village Commons are unmistakably those of NC State, giving the area a feel of being a coherent part of the larger whole that is NC State campus. I think it looks fantastic,” said one anonymous survey taker.

University Housing is continuing to implement branded signage with the next phase focused on finishing 24-hour desk locations and exploring branding Living and Learning Villages. If you’d like to learn more about this effort, contact

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