Cancellation of Housing Application or Assignment

students at Hunt Library

Considering leaving University Housing?

Students should notify University Housing as soon as possible if they decide to cancel their Housing application or assignment.

  • There is no cancellation charge for students who are not attending the University.
  • Newly admitted students who completed a fall Housing Application but decided not to live on campus must email University Housing and request a cancellation. There are cancellation charges based on the dates below:

Fall and Spring Terms

  • Before June 30, the termination fee is $300.
  • Between July 1- 31, the termination fee is 25 percent of fall term costs.
  • Beginning August 1, the termination fee is 50 percent of the fall and spring term costs.
  • After midnight on January 3, the termination fee is 50 percent of spring term costs.

Spring Term (Students who are new to housing for the spring term only)

  • If you cancel your housing on or before January 3, the termination fee is $300 for new incoming students who applied for spring housing.
  • If you cancel after midnight on January 3, the termination fee is 50 percent of spring term costs.

You may cancel your Housing assignment through MyPack Portal.

Note:  Cancellation charges for Wolf Ridge are different from the charges stated above for the Residence Halls and Wolf Village. To view Wolf Ridge cancellation terms, refer to the Wolf Ridge agreement.

Residents who choose Co-op, National Student Exchange or International Student Exchange Program as a reason for cancellation must provide appropriate documentation to University Housing. Documentation is required within 48 hours of cancellation or appropriate charges will apply

After the start of the term, cancellation requests will be reviewed and adjustments processed as appropriate. 

Students who cancel their Housing assignment on or after the check-in date for the given term, must complete the cancellation form online or through the Housing Assignments’ Office. An email will be sent confirming the cancellation request. Be sure to print and read the cancellation instructions to avoid additional charges.

For questions about the cancellation process, students should contact the University Housing Assignments’ Office by calling (919) 515-2440 or emailing University Housing. Staff members are available Monday - Friday from 7:30 am - 5 pm to answer questions. Our office is located at 1112 Pullen Hall.