Cable and Internet

Move In Cable and Internet

Resnet High-Speed Campus Internet

The Residential Network (ResNet) is the residential computer network service provided to students living on campus. ResNet allows you to connect your personal computer directly to NC State's computer network and, through the University network, to the Internet. ResNet is automatically provided to all students living in University Housing residence halls, Wolf Ridge and Wolf Village. To use ResNet, you must have an Ethernet cable. System requirements and other information are available on the ResNet website. During check-in, if you need assistance with your network connection or need antivirus software installed, please call the NC State University Help Desk at (919) 515-HELP (4357) or bring your computer by the OIT Walk-in Center located in the West Dunn Building. After check-in, students should contact ResNet for help by sending an email or calling the NC State University Help Desk at (919) 515-HELP (4357).


Cable television includes more than 100 digital and HD channels of entertainment, news and information, including four local channels.

In residence halls, cable costs $192.50 per room, per term and is placed on the resident's account when the resident signs up for service. Only one resident per room may sign up for cable. After sign-up, the cable service is activated in one business day.

In Wolf Village and Wolf Ridge, every resident is charged $46 per term for cable activated in living room areas and all bedrooms.

Since OIT upgraded to digital and HD channels, analog TVs will no longer receive WolfTV channels. For your TV to receive digital channels, you will need a TV with a digital tuner or a digital tuner converter box for your TV. Most newer TV models already have a digital tuner built in. For more information about compatible TVs and tuner converter boxes, visit the WolfTV website.