Building an Innovative Foundation

Entrepreneurs Village

Are you an innovator? A creative thinker with the next big idea? An intrepid student business startup? The Andy and Jane Albright Entrepreneurs Living and Learning Village is currently looking for upper-class thinkers and doers in any academic discipline for the inaugural Village community in fall 2014.

The first named Living and Learning Village at NC State will foster a new community of entrepreneurial spirit at Innovation Hall in Wolf Ridge on Centennial Campus. Village residents will have full access to the Entrepreneurs Initiative (EI) Garage on the first floor of Innovation Hall while living above the workspace on the second and third floors.  The garage will be a temporary space while the future EI Garage is being constructed.

The EI Garage, a business creation and prototyping workspace for students, will double in size once it moves from Research Building IV to Innovation Hall this summer. The current 2,000-square-foot space has meeting rooms, lounge spaces, a basic laboratory, wood working shop and prototyping studios. The new space, dubbed Phase 1.5, will also include a multipurpose room, conference rooms, co-working spaces and EI offices for students and staff members to interact more frequently.

“I am most excited to have EI in one location,” said Megan Greer, Associate Director of External Relations for the Entrepreneurship Initiative. “Having all the faculty, staff, students and garage in one building will create effective opportunities that we won’t realize until we get there. The Village adds a level of opportunity for students to eat, sleep and breathe entrepreneurship in a supportive environment.”

Village residents will also enjoy a variety of programming and entrepreneurial opportunities, including brainstorming sessions, pitch nights, guest speakers, networking, mentors, trips, tours, events, competitions, outreach programs, presentation feedback and support for launching entrepreneurial ventures.

As part of the five-year gift totaling $500,000 from Andy and Jane Albright, co-founder and president/CEO of National Agents Alliance (NAA), EI is currently searching for a Village Director who will oversee the program. Formed in 2008, EI is part of the Chancellor’s mandate to “develop an educated and entrepreneurial work force.” EI encourages multi-disciplinary participation from industry, students, faculty and staff members to build a community beyond NC State that thrives on a creative, immersive entrepreneurial experience.

Visit the Andy and Jane Albright Entrepreneurs Living and Learning Village web page to learn more about the Village. Interested students should apply to the Village during Housing Selection in February.