August Featured Staff Member

EvelynEvelyn Mildred Buck, aka Mama Buck,
Student Services Assistant in Pullen Hall, 
Hometown: Liberty, NY,

  1. Why do you enjoy working for NC State?
    I enjoy the interactions with students the most.

  2. Do you have a hidden talent?
    I like to do research and am currently working on my family’s genealogy.

  3. What is your favorite movie or TV show?
    I like a lot of movies from Sci-Fi and westerns to action and love stories. One of my favorite TV shows is “Wheel of Fortune.” I watch it almost every day it’s on.

  4. What is your favorite University Housing moment?
    Once, a student who had graduated came back to the office and said, “thanks for being here to just come by some times to talk to.” When she came to NC State several years ago, she was from another country. Her mother was here with her and they didn’t have anywhere to stay. We were able to provide them both housing, and she graduated in three years. She now has a sister attending NC State and her younger brother will most likely come here too.

  5. If a penguin walked into the Housing Office wearing a sombrero, what would he say?
    “I am coming to see Mama Buck. I need some help with my housing.” I would of course make sure he has signed up for housing correctly and help him find a room.