October 2013

Feeling stressed? The Counseling Center can help

student studyingAs students approach the end of the semester, their threshold for handling stress in a constructive manner decreases and their techniques for remaining calm are often tested. For many students, college involves disappointments related to grades and future goals. Sometimes it’s necessary to push through those feelings of distress, especially when taking a test.

Fall Break Diversity Trips

To help students embrace the rich multicultural experiences beyond the bricks of NC State’s campus, University Housing students and staff members regularly organize diversity trips to expose residents to life and culture outside of North Carolina. Students challenge their comfort zones and are encouraged to critically examine their personal worldviews.

Housing Selection 2014-2015

Saturday afternoon tailgates, cooler temperatures and falling leaves are all signs that the season is changing. At University Housing, the changing season means it’s time to start thinking about our annual Housing Selection process. In short, this process ensures your student will have a room in one of our residence halls or apartments for the next academic year, beginning fall 2014.

Be Smart, Be Safe

University Housing realizes that sometimes alcohol can be part of the college experience. While we don’t condone these actions, we want you to be safe and smart should you find yourself in a medical situation involving alcohol.

Parents and students team up for service project on West Campus

On Sept. 27-29, parents and families visited NC State’s campus for the annual Parents and Families Weekend. Festivities included a Kickoff Event at the E. Carroll Joyner Visitor Center, Welcome Reception and Chocolate Festival on Friday; a home football game against Central Michigan and tailgate on Saturday; and a planting service project and brunch on Sunday.